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Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our Valley Our Future / Neustro Valle Neustro Futuro is an independent, nonpartisan, community-based organization that engages and collaborates with the people and organizations of Our Valley in working to achieve our region’s shared, long-range vision.

Our Core Values

Our Valley Our Future upholds Core Values that reflect the people, organizations and mission of Our Valley:

Leadership, Ownership & Stewardship 

All Generations & Voices & Abilities

Collaboration & Partnerships

Measurable Results

Communication, Engagement & Involvement

Openness & Transparency

Innovation, Creativity & Forward Thinking

Our Guiding Principles

Our Valley Our Future adheres to Guiding Principles that reflect how we work together in achieving Our Valley’s vision:


We are an independent, non-partisan community-based organization that works with input from diverse sources on behalf of the entire community.

Regional Focus.

We focus on our broader region with no specific geographic or jurisdictional boundaries.

Community Resources.

We build on information, data, reports, and plans developed by community, government, business, and civic organizations across the region.

Targets & Measures.

We link our plan’s actions to concrete indicators, targets, and measures.

Outreach & Engagement.

We reach out extensively to the entire community to promote the ongoing engagement of people from across the region.

Vision & Action.

We are dedicated to promoting the achievement of our region’s vision through shared strategic action.

Community Sponsors.

We engage the wider community, government, business, civic, and community-based organizations in sponsoring, funding, and supporting our work.

Community Partners.

We partner with the wider community, government, business, civic, and community-based organizations in developing and implementing specific actions.

Easy Wins & Game Changers.

We promote the implementation of “easy win” actions, as well as bold “game changer” initiatives that accelerate the overall achievement of our vision.