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Board of Directors

2023 Board of Directors

Our Valley Our Future is overseen by a Board of Directors.

Lori Barnett

East Wenatchee resident

Shiloh Burgess

Douglas County PUD

Ron Cridlebaugh

Chelan Douglas Regional Port Authority

Norma Gallegos

Hand in Hand Immigration Services

Shayne Magdoff

East Wenatchee City Council

Kim Hatfield

Catholic Charities

Dr. Jason Lake

Confluence Health

Shayne Magdoff

East Wenatchee City Council

Tracy Bowerman

Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board

Alma Chacón

Community for Advancement of Family Education (CAFÉ)

Becca Freimuth

North Central Educational Service District

Laura Gloria

City of Wenatchee

Laura Merrill

City of Wenatchee

Jessica Kendall

Cascade Medical Board

Stacy Luckensmeyer

Wenatchee Valley College

Board Member Characteristics

Members of the Our Valley Our Future Board of Directors pledge to uphold the following ideals:


OVOF Board members are stewards and representatives of what residents have identified and will continue to identify as priorities to improve the quality of life of all in our valley. The needs of the community — the entire community — drives decisions. Board members view the community as one, yet at the same time are cognizant of its many parts.


OVOF Board members are committed to helping and advocating for the community’s long-term vision as reflected in the Our Valley Action Plan and its game-changer projects, action items and lead partners. They consider themselves members of Our Valley Our Future first. They are forward-thinking individuals who possess genuine curiosity in creative solutions and projects occurring elsewhere and how those could be applied locally and beyond. They continually seek out diverse opinions.


OVOF Board members are passionate about Our Valley’s work and potential, and its independent non-partisan status. They believe deeply in collaborating with others and breaking down barriers, whether that be jurisdictional, cultural, generational or socio-economic. They enjoy engaging with people to learn about their aspirations and to inform them of Our Valley’s mission, goals and work.


OVOF Board members adhere to an honest, open and transparent process during meetings. OVOF Board members do not attack each other — “nothing about me without me” — but rather engage in passionate discussions about ideas. Board members have faith in decisions made in their absence. Indeed after a decision is made, board members agree to verbally support it, and, if possible, devote resources.