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I want to build
affordable housing.

Affordable housing is an essential foundation for building vibrant and inclusive communities.

Chelan and Douglas counties need to build 17,000 new homes over the next 20 years with about 50 percent of those homes for people making less than the area’s median income.

Building affordable housing is not just a responsibility; it is an investment in the future. It strengthens communities, promotes economic prosperity, and improves the quality of life for individuals and families. There are opportunities to help create more affordable housing for not only builders and developers, but also for current land and homeowners.

*Based on medium projected population growth

Builders & Developers

Both Chelan and Douglas Counties provide opportunities for builders and developers to explore and build affordable housing.

Multi-Family Tax Exemptions

Builders and developers have access to tax exemptions for building multi-family housing. This is available in East Wenatchee and the City of Wenatchee


Diverse Housing Types

Embracing and building diverse housing types is a creative and effective response to the housing crisis and can be done in such a way that it doesn’t diminish our community’s quality of life. Understanding the types of homes that people want and need is an important part of our housing plan moving forward.


Homeowners can help create affordable homes for those living in our region.

ADU Templates

To reduce permitting and cost barriers, the City of Leavenworth has free pre-approved ADU construction plans available for property owners. The cities of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee will be offering similar free ADU plans in early 2024. Because of the shortage of land in the area, ADUs are a key solution to increasing housing availability.


If you own land in Chelan or Douglas county and want to help create affordable housing, there are some options.

Donate Land

If you’re interested in donating land for affordable housing, you can contact a number of organizations who might be interested in working with you including our local land trusts: Common Ground, Upper Valley MEND, and Chelan Valley Housing Trust.

Public-Private Partnership

There is an opportunity to partner with developers who can help landowners build affordable housing. If you are interested in this, we recommend contacting your local city or county office.